A few month's earlier I said to my bff "let's go to Mexico!" and she said "okay!".  I love her.  My go to Mexican paradise is a little surf town 40 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, and when we got there I was in a great mood.  I had been working out and I was spray-tanned and beach ready.  With 10 whole days ahead of us, and zero obligations I was relaxed.  Aaah Mexico.  Yes folks it's scary down there...stay far far away!  Drug cartels, etc. 

My birthday was on Sunday but the celebration started Saturday around noon and went late into the night peaking at midnight which we all know is the 'official' kick-off birthday hour. Around midnight I found myself atop the shoulders of a 24 year old at the local live music spot -drinking shots of tequila of course. It was one of those nights where the mood of the crowd was just 'on'.  
The band was awesome, despite their failed first attempt at my birthday 'shout-out'. I say failed because they called out my name as I was in the ladies room having a pee.  The ladies room is quite practically on the stage, so I opened the door to let them know, "hey, um I'm in the bathroom!".  Oops, try again!

Anyway,  I was  in Mexico, celebrating my 40th.  My birthday is just a few days before Christmas. Trust me when I say that leaving town for the holidays is one of the many many perks of being in your 40's.  Holiday blues?  I've got the cure. 
So this was my time to really let loose and  let the inhibitions fly because it's exhausting being in control all of the time - I can be kind of uptight. My friends would say I’m ‘fun’ but I have some control issues and it's not always easy for me to 'let go'. So me grinding on the dance floor with a 24  year old whilst  doing shots of tequila is NOT the norm for me. Also, it had been TWO YEARS since I'd so much as kissed a man. But here I was a blonde in Mexico - so there was trouble to get in to for sure!  But don’t worry, I did not 'do it' with a  24 year old. Please, I could be his mother!

2/4/2011 08:47:58

You wanted to get laid on your 40th birthday. Apparently, you did not. No matter. This brings back a memory to me. I send thanks. Here is the memory, a true story. I was touring Scotland alone in 1977 in my early 30s, a real stud muffin if I do say so myself. Getting off the train from London to Inverness with me was an American woman. Through pure luck, we ended up at the same guest house downtown. After we settled into our abutting rooms, I asked if she wanted to join me for libations. She said yes. She was an anthropology professor from San Francisco, also traveling solo on her roundabout way to India for a professional conference. Over the next few hours we enjoyed libations and supper. Ending up the evening and heading back to the guest house, she mentioned that the following day would be her 40th birthday. I asked her to spend the rest of the night with me. She declined, and we went to our separate rooms. She left her door unlocked, and while she was showering I went into her room and left a note on her pillow. It said that nobody should awake alone on their 40th birthday. I returned to my room. Shortly after, she knocked at my door. And she did not awaken alone on her 40th birthday. We spent the next week traveling by train around Scotland, finally parting company at the train station in Chester, England. We never exchanged last names, and I never heard from her again.

2/4/2011 09:53:12

You dog! (wink) that's quite a lovely story I bet she remembers you even today! No I didn't get laid but I also did not go to bed or wake up alone...


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