The morning after my pre-birthday marathon fiesta - where we finished close to two bottles of tequila - I was grateful that I had the foresight to book massage appointments for us on the beach the next morning. And not too early.  I said to bff after looking at the two near empty bottles of hornitas,"who do we think we are?" and she replied "rockstars evidently" and I said "I don't FEEL like a rockstar right now" and she replied "uum, I'm pretty sure you do. In fact I'm pretty sure this is exactly what rockstars feel like in the morning".  Hmmm I believe she spoke the truth.

Post massage we each drank a coconut.  Coconut water es muy bien for hangovers!  We sat on the beach and did really nothing the rest of the day. Worked on the tan, wandered around the plaza, and finally broke down and had a glass of wine with lunch (hair of the dog I believe is the term). We had plans at 6:30 to begin the next round of birthday festivities and neither of us wanted to exert any energy until then.

I’m exposing myself by admitting that I have been celibate for about four years.  Partly by choice.  I've had plenty of opportunities, but I don’t do casual sex well.  I’m very selective when it comes to physical intimacy. Not just any man will do – it’s a sacred thing sex. 

That being said I do want to keep those parts functioning and alive in a Kundalini yoga sort of way.  And that was my intention for my 40th.  I didn’t know who it would be, but I did say to my bff,  “I’m not shaving my legs tonight, so you know what that means!”.
2/16/2011 15:29:24

good to know about the coconut water hangover-cure!

9/3/2012 21:17:54

THX for info


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