By Midwest Mom

A is for Attitude.   You gotta have good one to survive!

is for Botox.  I don’t have a desire to get it, but it’s nice to know that I’ve got options.

C is for Cellulite.   Let’s face it – reality bites!

D is for Dreams.  And never giving up on them, cheesy, but true.

E is for Email.   Without it I probably wouldn’t have kept in touch with some high school friends.  Be honest, when was the last time you wrote & sent a letter? (Christmas cards don’t count)
is for Friends!  Wouldn’t have made it this far without ‘em!

G  is for Gray Hair.  And not just a few stray ones here and there . . .

H  is for Hobbies!  Especially the pursuit of new ones, I just signed up to take a cake   decorating class, something I’ve always wanted to do!     

I is for Identity (and be comfortable with who you have become)

J is for the Journey that got us here in the first place.  And the Journey to come!

K is for Knowledge.  Oh if only I knew then what I know now!

L is for Lasik Eye Surgery and hoping to gain the courage (and the funds) to have it done. 

M is for Mothers.  Having one and being one! And also for Mammograms.  If you have not had one yet, what are you waiting for?  Now is the time and it doesn’t hurt.

N for New Shoes.  Scientifically proven to cure the blues. 

O for Online Shopping! 
P is for Pedicures & Pampering.  Just do it.

Q is for Quiet Time.  Sometimes you just need it.

R is for Relationships.  Old and new.  Knowing which ones to nurture and which ones to end.

S Spanx!  A gift sent down directly from the heavens!

T is for Technology.  Look at everything that has been invented in our time on earth, just imagine what they’ll come up with in the next 40 years!

U is for ushering in a new decade

V is for Varicose Veins.   Ugh.  And (dental) Veneers, which I would love to get!

W is for Weekends!  And not feeling pressure to have it planned by Wednesday! (like I did in my 20’s)

X is for, um, I got nothing here!

Y is for Youth.  It really is wasted on the young, but it makes a great memory.

Z is for Zumba!  Hey, if you have to exercise, it might as well be fun!
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