By Midwest Mom
Continuing the list in no particular order:

21. Ipods. In high school, my mom’s car had an 8-track player! I bought an adapter that let me play cassettes in it and thought it was cutting edge technology.

22. “Health Food” products now available in mainstream grocery stores. We don’t have a decent health food store in my current town, so I’m thankful that the local Wal-Mart carries soy milk, bocca burgers, etc AND has a gluten-free aisle. Unheard of just a few years ago!

23. Speaking of mainstream, I’m so thankful that homosexuality is no longer considered “taboo” by most of the population. We still have a long way to go (gay marriages, for one) but when I was growing up, their certainly were not openly gay politicians, pro athletes, country music musicians, talk show hosts, etc. Let’s keep growing America!

24. Hooray for curbside recycling!

25. Homeownership! My husband owned a house when we first got married. The first house that I bought is the one we’re in now and I love it. It is, by far, the nicest place I have ever lived.

26. Therapy. Everyone should do it.

27. Family traditions. Respecting old ones and creating new ones.

28. Self check-out stations at the supermarket.

29. Early voting

30. Coke Zero

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